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Dean Sauskojus

Bozeman, Montana

When Dean was 4 years old, his father would take him fishing on the rivers of Montana. Dean loved being outdoors with his Dad exploring the natural world. Years later, he continued to experience the outdoors with his wife Karen and son Benjamin. He would often take a camera on their hiking trips into the wilderness for family photos and take snapshots of the locations they visited. His love for fishing and the outdoors soon mixed with more serious photography which became his new passion.


To learn his new craft he purchased a Wista 4x5 View Camera. Years later he has had photos published in single photographer calendars and magazines featuring his work. His photography has been published in Smithsonian Nature Guides, Browntrout Publishers Calendars, Outdoor Photographer and many regional publications like Northwest Travel. Dean's images have appeared in galleries and at art fairs, and have sold nationally and internationally. After photographing our nation's first national park for the past 20 years, his portfolio of Yellowstone has no equal.


About two and a half years ago Dean switched from using a large format film camera to a digital camera. He is currently using a Canon 5d 11. Lenses include a Canon 17-40mm f4L lens, Canon 70-200mm IS f4L lens, and a Canon 50mm f1.8 11 lens. Various filters include a B&W polarizer, HOYA ND8 neutral density filter, Hi-Tech three stop soft graduated neutral density filter and a two stop hard Singh-Ray graduated neutral density filter.

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Light Dance, Alum Creek, Yellowstone

July 24th, 2016


This was my July 4th fireworks show at Alum Creek, Hayden Valley, Yellowstone. I waited and waited. I knew the clouds would be quite spectacular if the sun found a hole in the cloud blocking it as it set. I thought to myself, yeah its over, but sure enough here comes the show. This has happened to me numerous times and you don't have to tell me that I am an impatient person because I know I am. Red in the sky is the last color you will see before it is really over. So wait, hang in there and be patient.

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