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Brett Seng

Bozeman, Montana

Brett Seng resides in Bozeman, Montana.  He is a pursuitist, fully independent and tenacious in finding the balance between his work and passions.  Brett moved west from his midwestern hometown at the age of eighteen, since then, began a relentless strive to protect his love and passion for what he wants out of his career as well as his lifestyle.  He’s a hard one to track down at times, letting the better half of his passionate life to venture to new destinations of inspirational moments, which is why he has a camera firmly planted in his right hand.  

“Photography to me is capturing a moment in time where the perception of angle and light cross the paths of a personal interpretation.  Great photography gives depth to the past and future all shown through a moment of presence.  It tells a story of what was, what is, and what is to come.  I aim for this relentlessly.  I began my path of photography through the tales of my life’s ever-changing journey, as a way to recollect the places I’ve been, emotions I’ve experienced, and memories lived.  My intuition and patience are instincts taught to me only through experience and failure.  I find my best aspirations from the slightest pinnacle moment in time and photography is my expression.  I’ve been inspired countless times by other artist’s on many different levels, I aim to give back to those through my own perspicacity.  I live, work, and play from my homebase in Bozeman, Montana.  I travel to international as well as domestic destinations with a side of adventurism I’ve never been able to harness, trying to capture how I see our world through my own eyes.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Please enjoy my ride.”

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The Run Out. Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia.

January 31st, 2013

Made it to Sydney, Australia just in time to watch the no name local hero’s crush the city’s recent heavy swell!  

Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia

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