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Allison Mcgree

Bozeman, MONTANA (MT)

"Artist at Altitude"Art energizes and allows me to study and reflect on the world. As a sixth generation Montanan, I am incredibly inspired by the land. I feel at home on the top of a mountain, skiing down through snow fields, hiking toward peaks, in an alpine lake, wandering down a winding road, or beside a raging river. In all seasons, Montana fills me with respect for transitory beauty. I love color; especially the brightness, hopefulness, and energy of yellow. I use a variety of colors to transform the environment and to share my sense of wonderment. I love to work on big walls or large canvases and to allow painting to become a physical event. I love the smell, feel, and texture of paint. Each painting is a life of its own, full of turmoil as well as celebrations. I began painting when my grandmother took me under her wing during our summer lake vacations. I fell in love with plein-air painting and being able to reflect on the world around me through paint and color. She gave me the courage to explore my world visually and offered an always eager ear to share artistic matters. My Grandmother taught me what it means to be part of a place, the roots of family, land, and history. She was as inspired by roaming clouds as I; with my Grandmother’s lessons, art and life were forever entwined for me. I attended Gonzaga University to study art and the humanities and was trained very realistically in oil painting and drawing by Robert Gilmore. I have sense fallen back in love with color and energy over pristine renderings and I strive to capture the energy and momentum of slivers of time instead of perfectly rendered forms. I paint what I love and what mesmerizes, bewilders, and challenges me. If I don’t want to look at it, it doesn’t end up on a canvas. 

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May 10th, 2012